FILMCO, founded in January 2017, is a non-profit organisation dedicated to creating a sustainable ecosystem for film and television producers and directors in Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean and to being a leader in the sustained development of a diverse Audio-Visual Industry.

FILMCO has embarked on the development a series of filmmaker-focused activities which we believe will help to encourage a sense of community within our industry, increase professional capacity, build national awareness of the programmes and films that are made here, help to grow audiences for local content at the cinema and on television, and educate the public on the diversity of roles and jobs within the film industry. Our current activities include:

- #MacoMeMonday: a five-minute programme which features one industry player every week, answering a series of five questions about their passion for the work they do. This is made available through our FILMCO Facebook page and our YouTube account.

- Meet & Mingle: These are intended to be quarterly informal gatherings of folks involved in film and television, brought together to take a lil’ lime, have a drink and a chat, do some networking and build a much-needed sense of community.

- Weeknight Workshops: with little more than a shared belief that ongoing professional development workshops are essential in the work to grow our Trinidad and Tobago film industry, FILMCO has embarked on an ongoing programme of Weeknight Workshops aimed at helping to build capacity and an ethos of professionalism. These once-a-month workshops are intended to benefit beginners and seasoned professionals alike, with something for everyone.

- FILMCO on Facebook: our Facebook page has developed into a project in its own right as we use it to help build community and foster a spirit of shared support and generosity within our industry. We do this through deliberate sharing of all local film-related news and events.

Dion Boucaud

From project conceptualisation and management, to shooting, editing and everything else in between, Dion’s portfolio dates back to the 1990s and includes news features and entertainment programmes, live broadcasts, magazine-format shows as well as several corporate and personality videos.


Mariel Brown

Mariel Brown is an award -winning filmmaker and director of the creative and production companies SAVANT and SAVANT Films. Based in Trinidad and Tobago, Mariel has been working in film and television since 1997. She is committed to uncovering and documenting the Caribbean’s rich history and culture, and is especially interested in exploring the lives of its often-unheralded artists and writers. Mariel is also deeply committed to developing the Trinidad and Tobago film and television industry, and has been an active stakeholder in ongoing consultations with the Trinidad and Tobago Film Company since its formation.


Danielle Dieffenthaller

Danielle Dieffenthaller has over 20 years experience in the television and film industry. She is committed to telling the Caribbean story through quality dramatic and documentary film and television productions. She is the owner/producer/director of Diefferent Style Flims Ltd., which produced the popular television series' Iere Vibe and The Reef.


Lesley-Anne Macfarlane

Lesley-Anne is the managing director of PixelPlay Media Limited and works as a producer. She has been working in the audio-visual industry, in the UK and Trinidad and Tobago since 2009. With several award-winning feature films to her credit, she has experience in diverse territories including Europe, Africa and the Caribbean.